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Sébastien Badel

Expression is Life

Creation starts with a thought

Man should live with passion,
and from the heart

Born in France, near Saint-Etienne, 1971. French dad, Dutch mum.
I grew up in Holland, from age 1. Good in math, sports and music. Started piano at 11. Mum was determined.

After high school, I entered School for Higher Arts & Music in Utrecht, with piano.
4 years of studying music showed me music was for expression, but not to make a living. I left for France. With new friends we started a company on a farm, in organic food production. I learned that musicians need to sweat and work hard, to not lose their mental heath (lol). And so I did.

Entering into Finance

The company had bookkeeping needs. As descendant of an accountant of the Dutch Ministry of Finance, I probably inherited my grandfather's gift with numbers.

So I volunteered and I ended up co-owner and financial manager for two enterprises.

The mission:
"Keep order in finances and produce the legal statements."

Supervised and trained by accountants for 3 years, I learned the finance & bookkeeping skills.

Then I started to develop applications, with Excel & VBA, to automate the repetitive tasks. Users entered their transactions and the application transformed created importable journals, "clicked" into the software.


After 14 years, company and family needs changed. My career as bookkeeper paused and I started my business and took on various jobs : ECB Badel

Web Developer

Over the years, I sacrificed many nights to learn to code. By need and for pleasure. An excellent way for creativity.

Passionate about the technology that makes it possible to offer applications, tools & content to unlimited numbers of people all around the world, it's all clear :
possibilities are endless!

Piano Art

What happened to piano ?

There is a time for everything. After hard work, it is time to relax. Artistic expression is essential for life, but it has its own time and place. For me it comes in waves and periods.

Art must ripen. No body picks a ripe fruit from a recently planted tree. The tree must grow and the fruit must ripen, to be enjoyable. An artist needs to grow into what he has to offer. Patience is part of the art. So I continue patiently, no knowing where the ship will strand.

More on artists and their work.

Art is to express thoughts and feelings. Not to obtain appreciation. Pure art is not expecting other people to value it. Of course creators are happy when they do.

What counts is to express what we deeply believe in. And if we do so, things grow into perfection, little by little. Any strive for personal success and appreciation from society defiles all natural beauty and makes artwork ugly.

It is a struggle for creators to keep their motives pure.

Sébastien Badel,

alias Aman
Belledonne, Rhône-Alpes, France
January, 2024.

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